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Operating concepts

All the appliances in the new generation are equipped with operating concepts based on the same logical system. For example, the display is always positioned centrally, regardless of which operating concept you choose. All use innovative display technology characterised by incredible brightness, long life, high resolution and exceptional quality. The Sensor control panel forms the central element of all operating concepts and it provides access to functions that need to be available even when the appliance is in use.

Operating concepts

M Touch

M Touch M Touch M Touch M Touch

The innovative M Touch display is fast, easy to use and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by pressing or swiping the clear text touch screen. Many of the functions can be selected simply at the press of a fingertip. The central display has white text and symbols on a black background, ensuring information is perfectly legible. Where help with navigation is useful, prompts are in colour.

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Further operating concepts



The 5 line TFT display with sensor touch controls to the side presents all the menu options clearly. The key feature is easy navigation.

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A single press of one of the symbols to the left of the display is all that is needed to choose an operating mode. The touch component to the right of the display is used to navigate through the different levels.

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The dial on the left is turned to select the operating mode in the traditional way. Settings in the 4 line text display, such as temperatures and cooking times, can be chosen with the right hand dial and confirmed using the sensor touch controls.

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The control elements are designed in a similar way to DirectControl. The only difference is that status information, such as temperature and time settings, appears in a 7-segment LC display.

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On steam ovens, the minimalistic 7-segment display shows temperature and cooking time. You can highlight and confirm your choice by pressing the sensor touch controls.

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