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Our philosophy

Design for the best quality of life

We believe that design encompasses the outward appearance of an object, as well as the experience of using it. This is the principle on which our new built-in kitchen appliances are based. It results in products that perfectly complement one another within each family in terms of form, function and materials. Our new generation of appliances takes design consistency to a completely new level. Discover the new built-in kitchen appliances for yourself.

Two new design worlds

Design for life.


Space for the essentials


PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated as a design element into a modern kitchen where the focus in on a minimalist range of materials. The high proportion of glass creates a calm visual impression. Distinctive features include CleanSteel models with horizontal stainless steel components and an atrractive handle, which seems to float unsupported against a background of jet-black glass.


Self-confident and familiar


ContourLine is your self-assured partner in the kitchen. You can sense the technology that lies behind it. The focus is on professionalism and a passion for cooking. Some familiar elements have been reinterpreted. The solid handle forms part of the frame, using high-quality materials and carefully designed structures.

Individual designs

A choice of five options


PureLine CleanSteel

Jet-black glass creates an atmospheric background. The striking stainless steel handle becomes a dominant feature. Both materials have been skillfully combined to complement one another perfectly. Horizontal lines predominate, so that more than one appliance can be installed to form a continuous line.


PureLine Obsidian Black

In Obsidian Black, PureLine creates a prestigious aesthetic. The appliance fronts are made solely of glass and simplicity brings perfection. Light and shadow produce reflections, lending depth and elegance to the surface.


PureLine Brilliant White

PureLine in Brilliant White provides a dramatic contrast with coloured kitchens and integrates seamlessly into white units, embodying minimalism and exclusiveness. The impression is one of airiness, leaving room for exciting combinations.


PureLine Havana Brown

A modern interpretation of a classic theme. Havana Brown completes the PureLine colour range. These are the perfect appliances for anyone with an instinctive feel for harmony and nature.


ContourLine CleanSteel

ContourLine in CleanSteel offers a first-class cooking experience in a classic kitchen environment. The pure geometric lines of the handle and frame create a technical, modern effect, while at the same time feeling familiar and accessible.

Combination options

Complete design integration

The fully consistent design of the appliance fronts throughout the entire product family conveys a sense of harmony at all times, regardless of whether the appliances are arranged above or next to one another. The control panel is the same size across the whole range.

The appliances can be combined in a number or ways to meet your needs: in a horizontal row at eye level, in a vertical line to make best use of the room height, in a block or in a unique T-shaped layout.


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